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The Landlocked Forest consists of 270 acres spanning the borders of Burlington, Bedford, and Lexington.The majority of the land is owned by the city of Burlington which wisely has kept it as open space since acquiring it by eminent domain in 1985. It borders Route 3 in Burlington to the east, Route 62 in Bedford to the north, conservation land in Lexington to the west and Route 128 to the South. Though commonly referred to as 'the Landlocked Parcel,' in fact, it is readily accessible to Burlington residents and all visitors. Once inside, visitors will find miles of gorgeous and easily navigable trails, providing year-round passive recreation: hiking, mountain biking, dog walks, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. A wide variety of plant and animal life create a vibrant eco-system, just waiting to be shared and explored by the public.

The main trailhead to the Forest is located on Turning Mill Road in Lexington, under the powerlines at the site of the future West Lexington Greenway. A trail map is also available.

The Landlocked Forest is far more than a 'Parcel,' and we owe it to our children and grandchildren to preserve and treasure it. The price of neglect has never been higher, as a proposal is on the table to bulldoze the land and turn it into yet another maze of concrete and asphalt. To see what developers have in mind for this enclave of nature, click here...once you visit the Forest, we hope you'll join us in our efforts to save it for future generations.

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Friends of the Burlington Landlocked Forest is a volunteer organization concerned with the preservation of 250 acres of land owned by the Town of Burlington and located between Routes 62, 3 and 128 in Burlington, Massachusetts